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Jeanine Reinhart - About Me - Modern and Conceptual Artist - Paints - Bathroom

Jeanine Reinhart, is an independent artist living and working in Switzerland. Her work is based on finding beauty in imperfection and depth in detail, emphasising authenticity above all else.


Personal Profile

Jeanine Reinhart, born in Switzerland in 1989, has been painting since her youth. Ever since, she has been improving her technique to reach the highest level of pictorial maturity.


In her twenties, she started exhibiting and selling her original work. Later, she launched her new series 'Bathroom Gallery', in which she presents her artwork in her bathroom. The originality of the concept is as important as the final result of her exhibited work.

Artistic concept

Cardboard boxes by Jeanine Reinhart

J. Reinhart is fascinated by painting on cardboard boxes. In her new series of oil paintings, she paints essentially on these boxes. Reusing, instead of working on a brand new white canvas, is not only the way of thinking and acting in these times, but especially for the artist, a way to define and show the imperfection.

This is the reason why she looks for the lived-in aspect of these common materials. Cardboards could have been damaged during their usage journey. J. Reinhart is interested in transforming these cuts, tears and deformations into something we look at differently. It is this beauty that she likes to highlight by painting objects, faces and expressions.

Everyone in this world knows and uses cardboard boxes, but no one really looks at it beyond its sole purpose. With her often minimalist paintings, she pays attention to every small detail - down to a fold or even a tear. The artist underlines the existence of banality and normality by finding a richness in it.

Above all, it is a hymn to beauty. The beauty which can be found everywhere if everyone looks hard enough. Not to mention the paint drips; the symbol of many elements. Every artist finds his or her own meaning in them. In J. Reinhart's work, they represent the passing of time and the loneliness that we all face one day or another. Apart from representing despair, she associates each drip with a gentle balance between the rhythm of life, its music and its fragility.


Each of the artist's paintings is unique - not only in its contemporary and minimalist sense, but also in the sense that it reflects the paradox of our time, its vulnerability, as well as its great strength.

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